Intelligent cartridge application for the water industry that can digitise the pipeline network, allowing customers to predict pipeline leaks before they happen by monitoring the…


Guide developers to the next level, help them grow network and get underrepresented devs to the next level of their careers. Learn more.


Automating energy management tasks at each mobile phonetower & choosing the lowest cost energy source available at all times. Learn more.


Design, development, testing and manufacture of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite materials and components, reducing weight and increasing performance over traditional metals whilst being more tolerant to physical…


Public blockchain based infrastructure that enables the distribution, exchange and storage of tokenized assets and securities. An open-source ecosystem utilizing sidechains together with a portfolio…

Scratch Meals

Healthy ready meal kits. Learn more.


Wireless audio & comms for snow helmets. Learn more.


Trust infrastructure for the sharing economy. Learn more.


Precision physiological monitoring solution utilising cloud-based analytics to automate health & safety and performance monitoring. Learn more.


Alice is a decentralised platform for the social finance sector. We help impact investors, governments and nonprofits to cut transaction costs and share verified impact…

SRJ Technologies

Specialised engineering services and containment management solutions, elevating customer’s integrity management performance. Learn more.


A unique process for renewing deteriorating water and sewer pipes without the need for open trenching. Developed with the guidance from a consortium including Severn…


Jewellery, handbags and personal care products B2C platform. Learn more.


Paper-based processes, unreliable data, no real time visibility, tight margins – Avtura’s software solutions are proven to transform performance and profits in the airline industry….


Integrated platform connecting up the world of early-stage investments – making it easier for investors to find opportunities and for entrepreneurs to get the funding…


Flexible fitness passes let users access thousands of different gyms affordably. Learn more.

Trident Energy

An independent developer of enabling technology for the offshore renewables industry. Developed “PowerPod” using patented, low cost, highly controllable linear generator that converts reciprocating motion…

Owner’s Locker

Managed storage for Orlando vacation club / time-share members. Learn more.


Provider of a leading UK investment platform, called Transact, to UK financial advisers and their clients through proprietary technology, premium service, a wide range of tax…